Q Code Korea: Meaning, How to Apply, and Terms and Conditions

Q Code Korea

Travel to South Korea is finally returning, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just binge-watching your favorite K-dramas or listening to your favorite K-pop songs on repeat to experience Korean culture! As travel restrictions to South Korea loosen, foreign visitors can go on long-awaited trips there without having to enter the country under quarantine starting on April 1, 2022.

Prepare the necessary travel criteria for your trip before you start scheduling your adventures, tours, and activities in South Korea. We’ve created a brief guide to the Q-Code Korea, one of the most crucial travel documents you’ll need to carry with you.

Q-Code: What Is It?

The South Korean QR code, known as the Q-Code, contains all of the vaccination records you’ll need to get access to. The purpose of the travel requirement was to expedite the quarantine inspection process for foreign visitors to the nation.

How to Apply for a Q-Code Korea Application

Step 1: Get your supporting documentation ready.

You must get the following details ready for your application before registering for your Q-Code:

  • Details about you, such as your passport number,
  • Information about entry, such as the nation of departure, airline information, and specifics about lodging in South Korea (address and phone number),
  • Records of Vaccinations

For a seamless application procedure, it is recommended to make sure you have all of these prepared before applying.

Step 2 is to apply online for your Q-Code.

Are all your passports ready to go? If so, register by visiting the Q-Code Application Portal! Once you correctly input and submit all the essential information, you’ll be issued a Q-code immediately.

Klook Tip: Still unclear about the specifics of your travel or lodging? That’s okay! There exists a temporary save mechanism within the Q-Code application framework. Just make sure that before boarding your aircraft, you complete your application and have your Q-code ready.

Step 3: When you get to South Korea, show your Q-Code.

The most crucial thing to do is to always remember to bring this QR code! Upon your arrival in South Korea, Immigration and Quarantine Control agents will verify the Q-Code, so make sure you have a copy with you. It is a mandatory document. You will undoubtedly be able to enter quickly and easily once you get there if all of the information on your Q-Code is crystal clear and there are no issues with it.


For whom is a Q-code necessary?

Whatever their reason for visiting, international visitors to South Korea must have a Q-Code (i.e. tourism, visiting family, etc).

Is there a cost involved in applying for a Q-Code?

No, there is no cost to apply for a Q-code!

Does the Q-Code ensure that I won’t need to enter a quarantine to visit South Korea?

The Q-code might not ensure admittance into South Korea without a quarantine. When you get here, the Immigration and Quarantine Control officers will assess you and decide what terms apply to your entrance and quarantine. Remember to maintain your health!

What should I do if I unintentionally introduce incorrect information to my Q-Code application?

You can start over from the beginning to obtain a new Q-Code if you enter any incorrect information in your Q-Code application. Before you arrive, make sure you apply all the necessary adjustments. If not, you might have to spend the duration of your vacation in quarantine.

What is the duration of my Q-Code’s validity?

After your immigration procedure is over, your Q-Code expires and is only good for a single admission. You will need to apply for a new Q-Code if you intend to visit South Korea in the future.

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