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“Country of citizenship”. Many people desire citizenship in a nation for a variety of reasons. Some simply prefer the idea of being able to claim they are citizens of a particular country, while others desire the freedom that comes with it. Some are concerned with their safety and security. Find out below if you qualify for citizenship in another nation for any reason you may have.

Country of citizenship:

So Country of citizenship is the nation to which a person is born (and has not lost or renounced citizenship), naturalized, owes loyalty, and under whose laws they are safe from harm.

Country of citizenship: Kinds of citizenship

These are the kinds of citizenship you can obtain: –

Citizenship through Investing:

Several nations grant citizenship in return for financial support. Depending on several variables, including the type of investment and the number of applicants, the amount may differ from one country to another.

Citizenship by Country of Birth:

If you were born in the country, you are a legal citizen. Regardless of your parents’ nationality, this applies. For example, if you were born in Brazil, you would also be a citizen of that nation.

Descent-Based Citizenship:

If one has at least one citizen parent or if they were born abroad to a citizen of that nation, they may qualify for citizenship via descent. Citizenship is also available to ancestors through descent.

Nationality by Naturalization:

However, if you meet certain requirements or qualifications and it is possible in that nation, you can apply for citizenship. It refers to applying for citizenship based on your own free will after meeting certain legal requirements. In other words, you wish to voluntarily become a citizen of that nation.

Country of citizenship: The advantages of residing in a country that grants birthright citizenship

One of the major advantages of living in a country that preserves birthright citizenship is that citizenship is granted to anyone born in that country with no further prerequisites.  This can grant the child valuable legal rights, such as protection from unlawful extradition or participation in social programs that they would not otherwise have access to.  

Advantages like this are why pregnant parents are often compelled to relocate to a nation that provides birthright citizenship. Well, depending on their existing circumstances, they may be able to offer a better life for their children simply by giving birth in a new nation—provided that country has birthright citizenship.

Birthright citizenship is not without its detractors. They are often citizens of the “host” country who believe the policy allows foreigners to join the country only to bear “anchor kids,” a practice that cheats the system and siphons off cash that might otherwise benefit existing citizens. In the United States, such “birth tourism” is illegal, but the techniques used to deter or uncover criminals and enforce the rules are not always evident.

The Easiest Countries to Get Naturalization: Residence via Investment

Moreover, many countries offer resident visas in exchange for investment in their economies. Spain and Portugal are excellent examples of Golden Visa programs.


Those who invest in real estate, qualify for Portugal Golden Visa funding, make a donation, or transfer capital to Portugal are eligible for residency. You will be able to live in Portugal once you have received your Golden Visa. You can, however, live elsewhere and visit Portugal only seven days per year. It is also possible to take a basic Portuguese language test.


  • You’ve held your investment in Portugal for five years.
  • You have completed the required minimum stay.
  • Your criminal record is spotless, and 
  • You owe no taxes in Portugal.


To obtain residency in Spain, you must make a minimum investment of €600,000 through the Spain Golden Visa program. So to apply for citizenship, you must demonstrate that you have lived in the country for ten years and that you are fluent in Spanish.


  • You’ve spent at least 183 days each year in Spain for the past ten years;
  • you’ve retained your investment in Spain; you owe no taxes in Spain; and 
  • You have a basic comprehension of Spanish culture and language.


Curaçao is another Caribbean country that grants residency-based citizenship. Because Curaçao is an autonomous republic inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Curaçao Investment Permit program provides a path to Dutch citizenship. The required minimum investment is $270,000.

Country of citizenship: The Easiest Nations to Get Citizenship Via Investing

The countries listed below provide citizenship through investment: –


Obtaining citizenship in the EU is simple through Malta’s Individual Investor Program (MIIP). Also, with contributions and investments, you can obtain Maltese citizenship. If you have been in the country for 36 months, you must contribute €500,000; if you have lived there for 12 months, you must contribute $70,000. Also, a real estate investment of $780,000 or a property lease for a minimum monthly rent of $$15,000 will be required for Malta’s citizenship by investment. 


  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • Have a clean criminal background; 
  • Meet the investment and giving conditions;
  • Must have worldwide medical insurance;
  • You can give biometric information; and 
  • Have satisfied the minimum stay requirement.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two Caribbean islands.

You can obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by making a one-time payment of $200,000 to the country’s national development fund. Another possibility is to put $500,000 into a government-approved real estate project. You must keep the investment for five years. Indeed, a passport issued by Antigua and Barbuda permits you to travel visa-free in 151 countries worldwide. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the easiest countries to get citizenship through investment.


  • have a clean criminal background; 
  • be able to meet the investment and gift requirements; 
  • be in good health;
  • satisfy the minimum stay requirement; and 
  • However, be willing to swear the pledge of loyalty.


Turkey is one of the countries that readily grants citizenship. So if you want to gain Turkish citizenship through investment, one common alternative is to buy real estate in the country. The bare minimum is $400,000. The procedure is simple, and you should have your citizenship in less than six months.

The requirement: 

  •  has no criminal convictions;
  •  You have made a qualified investment, and
  •  have never lived in Turkey illegally.

Country of citizenship: Countries that provide birthright citizenship

However, you can become a US citizen if you were born in the country. In addition, children born to diplomats and other qualified government officials from other nations, however, will not be granted US citizenship, even if born on American soil.

Other countries include:

  • Argentina
  • Barbados
  • Fiji
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Uruguay

Citizenship by Descent in Sample Countries


That is one of the simplest ways to gain Italian citizenship by descent. You might be able to obtain citizenship if you have Italian ancestry. Furthermore, you must have an ancestor who was a citizen of Italy on March 17, 1861 or was born in the country after that date to obtain citizenship. The constraint is that the lineage cannot be broken. It means that no ancestor lost their nationality or earned citizenship in another country before the next in line was born.

Other countries include:

  • Poland,
  • Ireland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • Luxembourg is a country in Portugal.
  • Latvia, Lithuania
  • Greece, Israel, and Germany
  • Armenia

Country of citizenship: Countries with the Most Ease of Naturalization

In addition, the length of the wait for citizenship is determined by the country and circumstances. Again, some countries have a two-year wait, while others have a ten-year wait. Many countries have lower residency qualification time restrictions for some groups, such as adopted children, spouses, refugees, and so on.

Other countries’ Two-Year residency requirements include:

  • Argentina,
  • Peru

Other countries’ Three-Year residency requirements include:

  • Poland 
  • Paraguay 
  • Israel
  • Serbia
  • Honduras 
  • Ecuador 
  • Canada

Some FAQS about Country of citizenship

The following are some questions concerning countries of citizenship

What countries are easy to obtain citizenship in?

Caribbean countries are generally thought to be easy to obtain citizenship in. However, they normally issue citizenship in three to six months if you make the required deposit and complete the other requirements.

Do countries that offer citizenship through investment demand a stay in the country?

If you are applying for a direct citizenship program, you do not need to stay in the nation. So you apply and receive your passport in three to six months. However, if it is a residence by investment scheme, you will normally be required to meet a minimum stay requirement. Portugal has an average of seven days, while Spain has only one day.

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