Overtime law in Michigan

“Overtime law in Michigan” Money is definitely a big motivator behind your everyday trip to work, even if it is not the sole one. Most workers in Michigan who work more than 40 hours per week are entitled to overtime pay. Overtime law in Michigan: What Exactly Is Overtime Pay? The Department of Labor (DOL) […]

Mental Harassment by Neighbor

Mental harassment is not acceptable, or is it? We all experience some type of mental harassment. We may even face mental harassment from a neighbor.  Nonetheless, we are unaware that we have simply put a load of harassment on our shoulders—most associate mental harassment with domestic violence, stalking, or job abuse.  But believe us when […]

How To Document Neighbor Harassment

Noisy neighbors are so widespread that we frequently accept them as an inherent feature of apartment living. What happens when “neighbors from hell” transcends the realm of video games? There are several legal ways to deal with nasty neighbors, but you should always attempt the diplomatic route first and learn how to document neighbor harassment. […]

Malicious Mother Syndrome

Divorce and child custody battles can bring out the worst in parents. When tensions run high, divorcing spouses sometimes engage in destructive behavior called “Malicious Mother Syndrome or malicious parent syndrome.”  In this article, we will answer common questions about malicious mother syndrome and explain how it can cause irreparable damage to parent/child relationships and […]