Form G-1450: What You Need to Know

Form G-1450 allows for the use of credit cards instead of money orders or personal checks for payment. The cost of filing several immigration forms is high. It used to be a barrier for some people to pay for everything at once or upfront.

However, anyone can now simply use a credit card to pay for immigration documents. Which immigration fees are payable using Form G-1450? How should this form be filled out? Continue reading to get the responses to these and other queries.

What is Meant by the G-1450?

With the new G-1450 form from USCIS, applicants can use a credit or debit card to pay the N-400 expenses. In addition, USCIS currently accepts gift cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logos, along with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. The applicant must be able to pay the entire fee with one card, as one card cannot be used for part of the charge and another for the remaining balance.

USCIS Form G-1450: What is it?

To pay by credit card for an application, petition, or request that you are filing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), use Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions. This form also includes the biometric services charge, if applicable.

What is the G-1450’s method of operation?

The applicant must submit the G-1450 and attach it to their application, similar to a check or fee waiver if they prefer to pay with a credit card. However, to ensure other family members can use the same credit card for payment, you must assign a different G-1450 to each application. If many applications are filed on the same form, USCIS will reject them all.

Which G-1450 Immigration Forms Are Useful?

Generally speaking, Form G-1450 can be used to pay for government filing costs at USCIS lockboxes or service centers using a credit card. However, applications submitted at a USCIS Field Office typically do not qualify for Form G-1450 acceptance.
Before submitting, be sure to review all form requirements to determine if you can pay with a credit card for the specific form.

How to Submit a G-1450 Form

Here’s how to submit Form G-1450 and use a credit card to pay your government filing fees:

Fill out the form: Complete the form as completely and precisely as possible, entering all required information—including credit card information.
Check Eligibility: Ensure that the forms you are submitting with USCIS are qualified for G-1450 and can accept credit card payments.

Sign G-1450 and include it with your application. Place the signed and completed G-1450 form atop your application bundle. If you are filing multiple applications, petitions, or requests with USCIS, you must submit a separate G-1450. Before filing, make sure you have read all USCIS instructions.

Verify Payment Limits: Ensure that the credit card payment does not exceed the applicable USCIS caps. To prevent any transaction mistakes, confirm that you have the available credit or balance on your bank account as well.

Requirements for Information on Form G-1450

An outline of the data that you must include on Form G-1450 is provided below:

The petitioner, requester, or applicant must provide their entire legal name, including their first, middle, and family name.
The credit card holder’s last, middle, and first names are displayed on the card, providing information about credit card billing.

The credit card holder’s billing address. In addition to the name and address of the street, you also need to include the zip code, state, city, town, and apartment, suite, or floor number (if applicable).
USCIS requires handwritten signatures from credit card holders, as stamped or typewritten signatures are not accepted. The contact details of the credit card holder, such as their email address and daytime phone number (if relevant).

Credit card details: credit card number, credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover), credit card expiration date (mm/yyyy format), and the amount you authorize USCIS and your financial institution to charge to the credit card.

How to Send in Form G-1450

Once you have completed Form G-1450 and checked it over to ensure that it has been filled out Review the immigration application, petition, or request that you are filing, ensuring that it is complete and contains all necessary information.

After that, Form G-1450 and the accompanying form must be sent to a USCIS Lockbox location. The “Where to File” section of the USCIS form indicates the location for submitting the application, petition, or request and Form G-1450.


Is Form G-1450 subject to a filing fee?

No, there isn’t an extra cost to file Form G-1450. There will only be a charge to your credit card for the amount you approved on the form.

How long does it take to process a Form G-1450?

Although the processing period for Form G-1450 varies, the USCIS typically needs six months to process this form. You can get in touch with USCIS to find out the status of the form, as well as the application or petition’s status, if more than six months have gone since the form was filed.

G884 form: what is it?

Using this form, you can ask USCIS to send back the original documentation you sent in to prove your eligibility for an immigration benefit.

What is the FS 1350 form?

Form DS 1350, which was once called a Certificate of Report of Birth, is no longer in use. It was intended to identify and formally establish the rights of foreign-born people to US citizenship. In 1990, this took the place of form FS 545; as of 2011, form FS 240 has taken its place.

To sum up:

Form G-1450 simplifies the payment of filing and biometrics services fees for various immigration applications, petitions, and requests. As previously said, before filing, ensure you have approved the required payment, completed the form fully, and provided all correct information.

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