Preemptive Right

Preemptive rights are the right of existing shareholders of a company. It allows them to purchase newly issued shares before they are made available to other investors. The right is to protect current shareholders from a loss of control or value. However, the corporate charter typically outlines preemptive rights. Shareholders usually receive a subscription warrant […]

The meaning of all rights reserved

The all rights reserved phrase appears in most copies of books, movies, and other creative works. What really is the meaning of “all rights reserved”? Is it still cool to include the notation in your creative work. Copyright Meaning: Copyright, just like trademark, is an important legal tool for protecting the intellectual property in original […]

Garrity Right

Introduction: Public employees, including law enforcement officers facing investigatory interviews or in a disciplinary setting, have some rights from their employer, such as the Garrity right. They can inquire as to the nature of the inquiry. The nature of the inquiry—criminal or administrative—determines the appropriate warnings—Garrity, Miranda, or the Reverse Garrity—they should receive. In addition, […]

What Does a Trademark Protect? All You Need!!!

Trademarks are an essential component of every business. They are the most effective means of safeguarding the identity of certain items or services. They also inspire customer loyalty by making it easy for consumers to recognize a specific company as the maker or source of a product. Once a trademark is registered, it is protected […]