Udemy Class Action: what you need to know

Udemy Class Action

Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form by July 21, 2023, will receive a cash payout from Udemy of $4.00 for qualified course purchases up to $40. The per-course value will be ascertained in the event that claims exceed the amount in the Settlement Fund Account.

Fewer claims will result in equal payouts as a three-year maximum nonrefundable account credit that is not transferable. But we will explain how Udemy class action works in this blog.

What is the subject of the class action lawsuit against Udemy?

The main focus of the Udemy class action complaint is the claim that the company engaged in misleading advertising practices, particularly with reference to the course discounts. The plaintiff contends that Udemy may have misled clients by not being completely truthful about the savings it promoted.

It’s important to note that Udemy refutes these claims and any liability and that no judgment or other finding of liability has yet been reached by a court or other body.

In the class, who is included?

Anyone living in the United States who purchased a course or courses from Udemy at a discount, based on a reference pricing campaign, between August 23, 2017, and April 21, 2023, is the class member for this complaint, according to the court’s definition. This implies that you might be qualified to participate in the UDEMY class action settlement if you meet this criterion.

How Much Can Everybody Get?

Up to a maximum of $40, each class participant who makes a timely and legitimate claim will receive a cash reward of four dollars ($4.00) for each eligible course purchase. Nevertheless, this sum can change based on the overall dollar amount of claims submitted. The per-course value to be distributed will be revised in the event that the overall dollar amount of claims surpasses the available money in the Settlement Fund Account.

On the other hand, if the total number of claims exceeds the available funds, the remaining sum will be split evenly among all claimants and given to them as a non-refundable, non-transferable account credit that they can use on Udemy for a maximum of three years.

How Can I Submit a Claim for the Settlement of the UDEMY Class Action?

You can find a claim form here. Completing it will be necessary in order to get a cash payment from the UDEMY class action settlement. The deadline for submitting this form is July 21, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific). You have the option to submit it electronically or by mail.

What Time Will Your Cash Payment Arrive?

On July 28, 2023, the court will convene a hearing to determine whether to approve the settlement. You could anticipate receiving your compensation about 45 days after the settlement’s effective date, provided it is authorized and there are no objections. Remember that it may take some time—possibly longer than a year—to resolve any potential appeals. On the settlement website, you can monitor the case’s development.


Is Udemy the target of a class-action lawsuit?

Customers who bought products from Udemy.com between August 23, 2017, and April 21, 2023, will profit from the settlement. Udemy purportedly misrepresented the cost of its online courses by offering them at savings in the class action case.

What is the dispute over Udemy?

Udemy was charged in November 2015 with disseminating and making money off of courses that were pirated. In a blog post, Dennis Yang, the company’s CEO at the time, addressed the charges and claimed that Udemy had not benefited financially from that incident of piracy.

Is certification from Udemy reliable?

Do employers accept credentials from Udemy? Although Udemy certifications lack accreditation, a lot of employers regard online education and are willing to accept Udemy certificates as proof of abilities.

Is it unlawful to download courses from Udemy?

Yes, you can download full or partial courses from Udemy offline, but only if you have the Udemy mobile application downloaded. You can do this by downloading it from the Play Store or the Apple Store. However, the option to download courses offline is found on the right side of each course, depending on its section.

Is it unlawful to share an account on Udemy?

Your account login information is something you may not divulge to third parties. You are in charge of what occurs with your account, and Udemy won’t get involved in disagreements between teachers or students over login information.

Why does Udemy not turn a profit?

Put succinctly, Udemy devoted 78% of its total profit to marketing and sales. It’s worth keeping an eye on because that’s the main reason it’s not lucrative. But at least there is significant growth as a result of this high spending.

Why is Udemy losing money?

Typical causes of losses during a tech startup’s formative years, such as Udemy, include: Investing in Growth: Tech businesses frequently place a higher priority on market expansion and quick growth than on immediate profitability. However, They make significant investments in client acquisition, marketing, and business growth.

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