Can Police Tap Your Phone

Charges or an arrest are typically the first signs of a legal difficulty. There are times when legal issues arise far earlier. Although you won’t always be aware when law enforcement starts looking into you, knowing the resources at their disposal can help you safeguard your privacy. Can Police tap your Phone might no longer […]

Criminal Mischief in Texas

“Criminal mischief in Texas” Criminal mischief sounds like a crime for which the police can file charges at their discretion. Although the provision has certain ambiguities, Texas Penal Code 28.03 does not define it so broadly. Instead, it refers to what some other jurisdictions classify as vandalism or purposeful property destruction, including what the average […]

What is burglary habitation?

What is burglary habitation? Let’s start by learning what habitational burglary is. What Exactly Is a Habitation Burglary? Home invasion and burglary of habitation are equivalent words. Texas has even applied the law to force entry into a vehicle where someone is residing. It is a class A misdemeanor to break into a car that […]

Can a BB gun kill you?

Projectile-shooting airsoft or pellet weapons are known as BB guns. If used incorrectly, these non-powder firearms can be lethal. This might answer the question, “Can a BB gun kill you?” The gun fires these pellets with a high muzzle velocity. BB gun owners typically mention the Second Amendment when addressing BB gun regulations because they […]

Pornography law New Jersey

“pornography law New Jersey” Sex offenses against minors are receiving more attention from law enforcement organizations in New Jersey. Some of the heaviest penalties in the nation can follow from a conviction for having child pornographic photos, including jail time, fines, a criminal record, and registration as a sex offender. Possessing, viewing, disseminating, sharing, receiving, […]

Alaska Abortion Law

“Alaska abortion law” In Alaska, abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy as long as a licensed doctor performs the procedure. A Pew Research Center poll of Americans found that 62% think abortion should be legal in all or most situations. Before the Roe v. Wade ruling by the US Supreme Court, Alaska was […]

New York self-defense law

“New York self-defense law” makes sense to defend yourself from aggression. Who in their right mind would merely accept a condition that could endanger their lives? Self-defense actions typically take place nearly instinctively. Before we realize it, we’re defending ourselves and our loved ones out of muscle memory. But in New York, could you be […]