Malicious Mother Syndrome

Divorce and child custody battles can bring out the worst in parents. When tensions run high, divorcing spouses sometimes engage in destructive behavior called “Malicious Mother Syndrome or malicious parent syndrome.”  In this article, we will answer common questions about malicious mother syndrome and explain how it can cause irreparable damage to parent/child relationships and […]

Custody Exchange

Every time a kid switches from the physical custody of one parent to the other, an actual child exchange takes place. Exchanges of children fall under the “visitation rights” category under family law. This is founded on the idea that both parents have a right to spend time with their children. These issues include things […]

Domestic Partnership in Pennsylvania

Many would want to know what a Domestic Partnership is all about. A domestic partnership is a union between two people who are in a relationship but are not married and who live together. Domestic partnership in Pennsylvania is not yet recognized on a statewide basis. Learn more about domestic partnership and Domestic partnership in […]

Malicious parent syndrome upgraded

“Malicious parent syndrome upgraded” Divorce and custody disputes are sometimes difficult high-stress situations that can lead to extreme behavior on the part of those involved. Some situations have been linked to what is now known as “malicious parent syndrome,” but was formerly known as “malicious mother syndrome.” The psychologist Ira Turkat first proposed this condition […]