Sig P320 Problems: Solutions

Sig P320 Problems

Let’s go straight to the point, people. I recently obtained a Sig P320, and I put it to the test. I put this essay through a rigorous battery of testing in the field, and the results surprised me in a few ways. Some Sig P320 problems made me sit up and pay attention. There have been a couple of instances of the gun going off when I didn’t want it to, as well as lever issues, extracts, and fire failures. You know, it’s scary?
I’m not here to spoil your party, so don’t worry. This article has an objective if you will. I’ll delve into each of these issues, analyze the situation, and provide solutions to make your Sig P320 operate normally once again.

What Is Sig p320?

SIG Sauer, Inc., the American division of SIG Sauer, manufactures the modular semi-automatic handgun known as the P320. By switching from a double action-only hammer system to a striker-fired mechanism, it is an improved version of the SIG Sauer P250. The P320 can be easily converted from one caliber to another; changing from.357 SIG to.40 S&W just requires a barrel change, while changing from 9mm to.357 SIG or.40 S&W (or vice versa) requires a caliber exchange kit. The P320 can be chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum,.357 SIG,.40 S&W,.45 ACP, and 10mm Auto.
Many law enforcement organizations and military forces worldwide have embraced the SIG Sauer P320, a well-liked and adaptable handgun. Even though the SIG P320 is regarded as a dependable and effective handgun, it is not impervious to flaws and concerns that may compromise its functionality. It’s critical for responsible gun owners to be aware of these potential issues and be prepared to handle them should they arise.

Common Problems Of the Sig p320 Problems

Trigger problems:

These are among the most frequent problems that owners of SIG P320s may encounter. The trigger could be grittier or rougher than usual, malfunctioning and won’t shoot, or all three. Problems in trigger systems can be caused by various factors such as a dirty mechanism, worn-out parts, or a misaligned or damaged trigger bar.


Start by carefully cleaning the trigger mechanism with a soft-bristled brush and gun-cleaning solvent to resolve this problem. Next, make sure the trigger pieces are in good working order by inspecting them. As needed, replace any worn-out or broken components. Lastly, make sure the trigger bar is intact and well-positioned.

Failure to Feed

Owners of SIG P320s may encounter issues when the gun fails to properly load a new cartridge into the chamber after shooting. Possible causes of this issue include a worn-out or dirty magazine, weakened magazine springs, or a dirty or damaged chamber.

First, use a soft-bristled brush and gun-cleaning solvent to give the magazine a thorough cleaning to solve this issue. If necessary, inspect and replace the magazine springs. Lastly, give the chamber a thorough cleaning and make sure all dirt and debris are gone.

P320 Slide Problems

SIG P320 owners frequently encounter slide problems, in which the slide becomes stuck or moves unevenly while in use. This can be caused by various factors such as a worn-out slide, damaged recoil spring, or misaligned slide stop.


To resolve the issue, thoroughly clean the slide using a gun cleaning solution and a soft-bristled brush. Inspect and replace the recoil spring as needed. Lastly, make sure the slide stop is intact and correctly positioned.

P320 Failure to Eject

Owners of SIG P320s may experience ejection problems, in which the spent cartridge casing is unable to exit the chamber following a shot. Possible causes of this issue include a weak extractor, a worn-out or unclean ejector, or a dirty or damaged chamber.


To start resolving this issue, thoroughly clean the chamber using a soft-bristled brush and gun-cleaning solvent. Make sure the extractor is operating correctly by giving it a check. As needed, replace any worn-out or broken components. Lastly, make sure the ejector is in good alignment and isn’t broken.


Is the Sig Sauer p320 Having Issues?

Since at least 2017, when reports began to circulate that the gun could discharge when dropped, SIG Sauer has been subject to allegations that the P320 malfunctions. A Texas gun dealer posted a video of the rifle in August of that year, showing it firing reliably at specific angles when dropped. The movie demonstrated how the collision caused the trigger to depress.

Is the Sig p320 Self-Firing?

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Sig Sauer was aware of the P320’s accidental fire capability but neglected to alert purchasers to this defect. The lawsuit claims that Sig Sauer never recalled the firearm, despite the company having provided two “voluntary upgrades” for the P320 — something it has done for other weapons with lower sales volume.

Is Glock Inferior to Sig P320?

It all boils down to personal preference in the end, as both weapons have advantages and disadvantages. While some individuals choose the Sig P320 due to its more adaptable magazine capacity, others favor the Glock 19 due to its smaller and more portable design.


In summary, the SIG P320 is a dependable and adaptable handgun, albeit it could occasionally have problems just like any other gun. You can make sure that your gun is always operating at its optimum by learning about the most frequent problems that SIG P320 owners have, knowing how to resolve them, and investing in a suitable SIG P320 holster. Always handle firearms safely, and if you’re not comfortable performing repairs on your own, get expert assistance.

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