Interns in Startups: How To Get Interns For Your Startup

Interns in Startups

Launching a company can be exhilarating as well as demanding. Hiring qualified personnel to oversee your company’s operations while staying under a strict budget is one of the most important challenges you will face. Highly talented workers are not likely to be satisfied with employment in new startups; instead, they are continually searching for long-term, well-paying roles in existing organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to hire experienced staff without going over your startup budget—hiring interns! The crucial assistance you require to launch your firm might be obtained from interns. All the information you need to consider hiring interns for startups businesses is provided here!

How Can A Startup Hire An Intern?

When starting a business, recruiting interns is quite comparable to hiring a full-time employee. Determine the position you need to fill before you begin the hiring process. Clearly outline the duties that will be assigned to them and highlight the advantages that the interns will experience.

They ought to be able to study and expand their skill set during the internship. It ought to include tasks or designated positions that will advance their career. Because of these additional abilities, the majority of interns even go on to become full-time employees of the organization.

Internships are a win-win situation that provides you leverage in this way. An internee is more inclined to apply if they believe your startup can provide them with something useful, like pitch training. These interns are also more eager to support the expansion of your firm.

Where Can You Find Interns For Your Startups?

If you are a startup operating on a tight budget, hiring interns can be a great method to grow your company. It can be difficult to find the appropriate interns, but if you take the correct steps, you can find bright people who can infuse your team with new ideas and vitality. Here are some more pointers to assist you in selecting the ideal interns for your startup:

Job Fairs

A great approach to meet possible interns is by going to job fairs. Students and recent graduates seeking internships in their field are available for you to meet and interact with. Additionally, job fairs are a fantastic way to introduce your brand and startup to a larger audience.


Potential interns can often be found through industry contacts, former interns, and current staff members. You can ask people in your network for recommendations, or you can reward current staff members who recommend prospects.

Programs for Internships

Creating an internship program in collaboration with nearby schools and universities can be a successful strategy for finding interns for your firm. To help you locate and hire the best interns for your company, think about contacting startup consulting services.

Trade Associations

Industry associations are a great place to find possible interns. You can make connections with experts and students who are enthusiastic about your field by joining and taking part in associations linked to your industry. You can use these contacts to assist your startup hire the best interns.

Online Systems

You can find possible interns for your startup by using one of the many Internet job boards. Popular choices include Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other employment boards. You can advertise your job openings and connect with possible applicants on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Career Reference Centers

The majority of colleges and institutions provide career centers where students can get help finding internships. You can meet bright students and new graduates seeking internships in your field by getting in touch with these centers.

Social media networks

Social networking networks are excellent resources for startups looking to hire interns. To attract a big audience, you can publish your job vacancies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites. Additionally, you can use industry-related hashtags and keywords to find possible applicants.

Recall that it takes time and effort to locate the perfect interns for your startup. Talented interns who can contribute to the expansion and success of your firm can be found by employing a range of strategies and showing patience.

Recall that employing interns for your startup can be a terrific way to grow your company, especially if you can provide them with possibilities like training for business pitches. Through a range of methods, you can locate skilled people who can contribute to the expansion and success of your startup as interns.

Why Should Startups Hire Interns?

Hiring interns may be a very effective growth and success strategy for firms. Here are some more justifications for thinking about employing interns for your startup:

  • Cost-effective: For firms trying to hire qualified personnel without going over budget, interns are a cost-effective option. Interns are a great complement to your team because, despite their lack of formal experience, they are frequently very driven and eager to learn new skills.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: You may encourage diversity and inclusion in your startup by using internship programs. You may foster a more inclusive and diverse workplace by actively seeking out interns from a range of backgrounds. Increased productivity, inventiveness, and creativity may result from this.
  • New Perspective: An intern can provide your startup with a new point of view. Since they are fresh to the field, they could have a unique perspective and provide creative fixes for issues. This can be particularly helpful for companies attempting to upend established markets.
  • Networking Possibilities: For your startup, interns can offer a wealth of networking chances. They might know people who work in your sector, are alumni, or are other students. This could help you network and form new contacts.
  • Training and Development: Internship programs can be utilized to give interns chances for training and growth. You may support their growth and development into important assets for your startup by investing in their knowledge and skill sets. At the company where they intern, around 70% of interns receive offers for permanent positions.


When hiring interns for your startup, it’s critical to establish a win-win arrangement that will enable them to grow professionally and learn new skills. You may assist them in maturing and becoming competent professionals by giving them meaningful work and worthwhile experiences. They can offer your startup the assistance and new outlook it needs to thrive in exchange.

Recall that employing interns for your startup necessitates thoughtful preparation and implementation. Through a range of methods, you can locate skilled people who can contribute to the expansion and success of your startup as interns.

What Defines An Effective Internship Program?

A successful internship program should also offer structured learning opportunities, real-world experience, access to senior leadership, regular feedback and evaluation, growth opportunities, networking opportunities, compensation, and flexibility. These factors help interns build skills, gain experience, understand the company’s vision, and improve their performance. Interns should also have the chance to network with professionals in their field. Compensation can attract top talent and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to their development. A flexible program should balance internship responsibilities with other commitments, ensuring a positive experience for both interns and the organization.

Are Interns Paid by Startups?

In the US, startups usually pay interns $3,500 a month, while other industries pay more. The location, size of the startup, and also the type of internship all affect the salary rate. Internships without pay are also an option, but they need to meet certain requirements. Internships that pay are more appealing and can draw in stronger candidates. To recruit excellent people, startups should be ready to provide competitive compensation.

Interns in Startups: FAQs

Why are interns hired by startups?

You will work on actual projects that are important to the business. Startups require their interns to participate in business-critical initiatives since they have a ton of important work to complete.

What are the most effective methods for obtaining a startup internship?

Nevertheless, don’t be scared to get in touch, introduce yourself, and inquire about internship opportunities even if you don’t find the ideal one—or any at all. Share your thoughts on what position you could play at the organization and, also more importantly, why you would love to work there.

Why do I need interns at startups?

You can learn how to think strategically and with an entrepreneurial attitude by working in a startup. An internship with a startup is a fantastic opportunity to add value to your resume and make an impression on prospective employers. Then it will be possible for you to showcase your experience in a fast-paced setting.

Interns in Startups: In summary

When operating on a low budget, hiring interns for your firm might be a terrific method to grow it. Use the above-mentioned guide as a reference while looking for interns for your startup. Also, recall that the finest internship programs provide participants with meaningful work and customize their experiences to fit their long-term professional objectives!

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