Employment Litigation: What You Need To Know

When an employee files a lawsuit against their employer for reasons about their employment or work-related activities, such as worker’s compensation, insurance benefits, pensions, scheduling conflicts, overtime, harassment, or discrimination, the case is known as employment litigation. An unemployed person may also file it if they feel their rejection was Continue Reading

How much can you sue an employer for misclassification? What You Need to Know

How much can you sue an employer for misclassification? Employee misclassification may have major financial repercussions, depriving them of benefits, legal protections, and pay that they have rightfully earned. State and federal laws also impose sanctions for this activity. Employees can safeguard their rights and guarantee just compensation for their Continue Reading

EPC Agreement: Meaning, How It Works and Benefits

EPC contracts are crucial in the power and energy industry, appointing a single supplier to oversee facility design and construction. Global energy corporations trust Matrix Service, a leading EPC contractor, for their vast experience in the engineering, procurement, and manufacturing of large-scale infrastructure. More significantly, we understand what it takes Continue Reading

HIPAA Attorney: What You Need to Know

In 1996, Congress approved the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to address healthcare challenges and improve administrative simplicity. HIPAA’s “administrative simplification” requirements require compliance in three main areas: electronic transactions, security, and privacy.All healthcare providers who electronically file claims are required to abide by HIPAA standards, even if Continue Reading

Grandparents’ Rights in NC: Everything You Need to Know

Many concerns about visitation rights come up with respect to the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Grandparents’ rights, visitation rights, and the amount of visitation are all hotly debated issues in NC. Let’s investigate these issues and clarify the grandparents’ rights to visitation in NC and Florida. Grandparents’ Rights to Custody Grandparents can Continue Reading