Escalation Clauses in Texas: Meaning and Examples

Technically, Texas allows escalation clauses if they are designed by an attorney; however, TREC discourages using them. Nevertheless, in Texas, we nearly always advise against utilizing an escalation clause.An escalation clause might facilitate the offer-making process regarding real estate. An escalation clause is a buyer-seller agreement allowing the buyer to Continue Reading

Homeowners Rights: Against building inspectors

Property rights are the backbone of homeownership, yet this bundle of advantages and protections differs by state and community. Homeowners’ rights play a significant role in many ways, even against building inspectors. However, there are limitations. Continue reading to discover more about fundamental property rights and how to enforce them. Continue Reading

FIRST TIME HOME BUYER ILLINOIS: Programs, Loans & Grants Assistance In 2022

If you’re a first-time home buyer or a repeat buyer in Illinois, the state’s housing development authority offers down payment assistance, grants, and loan programs that can help you overcome the barriers to home ownership.Almost all of the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s (IHDA) programs are valid in any county in Continue Reading