Can Police Tap Your Phone

Charges or an arrest are typically the first signs of a legal difficulty. There are times when legal issues arise far earlier. Although you won’t always be aware when law enforcement starts looking into you, knowing the resources at their disposal can help you safeguard your privacy. Can Police tap your Phone might no longer […]

Alaska Abortion Law

“Alaska abortion law” In Alaska, abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy as long as a licensed doctor performs the procedure. A Pew Research Center poll of Americans found that 62% think abortion should be legal in all or most situations. Before the Roe v. Wade ruling by the US Supreme Court, Alaska was […]

Mental Harassment by Neighbor

Mental harassment is not acceptable, or is it? We all experience some type of mental harassment. We may even face mental harassment from a neighbor.  Nonetheless, we are unaware that we have simply put a load of harassment on our shoulders—most associate mental harassment with domestic violence, stalking, or job abuse.  But believe us when […]