What is a prescriptive easement?

What is a prescriptive easement? A prescriptive easement gives someone else the right to utilize land without the owner’s consent. On rural property, prescriptive easements frequently develop when a neighbor uses a portion of a property, without the awareness of the landowners. For instance, frequently prescriptive easements develops as a result of fences placed incorrectly. […]

Homesteading in Idaho

“Homesteading in Idaho” Are you thinking about establishing a homestead in Idaho? Idaho is one of the favorite states due to its stunning scenery, abundant farms, and easygoing way of life. With more than 70,000 homesteads spread out over the state, it is also welcoming to homesteading. Many questions arise as potential new homesteaders look […]

Ways to reduce lawyer costs

“Ways to reduce lawyer costs” The State Bar does not offer direct legal services, act as an individual’s attorney in court, keep a roster of pro bono lawyers, or pair up clients with free lawyers. Please be aware that there is very little financing available for legal assistance, forcing programs to turn away many people […]

Public Intoxication Under Texas Law

“Public intoxication under Texas law” In Texas, while in a public setting, inebriation to the point that one could endanger oneself or othes from public intoxication is illegal. The maximum penalty for public intoxication is $500, and it is a Class C misdemeanor. The potential for a lifelong criminal record, rather than a hefty fine, […]