Isidor Paiewonsky Associates v. Sharp Properties

Full title: ISIDOR PAIEWONSKY ASSOCIATES, INC., and L.S. Holding, Inc., Plaintiffs, v.

Court: United States District Court, D. Virgin Islands, D. St. Thomas and St. John

Date published: Mar 27, 1991


The plaintiffs were the owners of a piece of real estate on the main street of St. Thomas. This piece of real estate was designated parcel 38A. Parcel 38A adjoined another piece of real estate owned by co-defendant Sharp Properties, Inc. (Sharp). Sharp’s property was designated parcel 38. Sharp had leased parcel 38 to co-defendant Ari, which, in turn, had subleased the property to co-defendant Bared.

The plaintiffs initiated suit based on the assertion that they were entitled to a prescriptive easement over a portion of parcel 38. The case was originally brought before the Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands in 1983 but was later transferred to the District Court of the Virgin Islands on February 9, 1987.



By the foregoing discussion, the plaintiff’s Motion for Entry of Judgment shall be granted under the terms articulated in the Plaintiff’s written agreement for Mutual Settlement.

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