Condor v. West Bountiful City

Full title: MARY CONDOR, Plaintiff, v. WEST BOUNTIFUL CITY, Defendant

Court: United States District Court, D. Utah, Central Division

Date published: Jul 23, 2009


In the summer of 2005, the West Bountiful City Police Department (the “WBCPD”) sought applications for an open police officer position. Ms. Conder applied for that position, as did a man by the name of Roger Green. Mike Wright (“Chief Wright”) was the WBCPD police  chief at the time. At the direction of Chief Wright, Sergeant James Sheldon (“Sergeant Sheldon”) conducted a background check onboth applicants. Sergeant Sheldon reported to Chief Wright that Ms. Conder had a favorable background and that several of her former employers provided good references for her. In August 2005, Chief Wright offered the position to Ms. Conder. Ms. Conder accepted the offer and began her employment with the WBCPD in September. As is customary with new employees, Ms. Conder was placed on probation for one year.

Soon after Ms. Conder was hired, Chief Wright was contacted by one of Ms. Conder’s prior employers, Cory Green. Cory Green is the son of the other applicant for the police officer position, Roger Green. Cory Green made several allegations of misconduct against Ms. Conder. Chief Wright discussed the matter with the mayor and city administrator and concluded that Cory Green “was merely crying sour grapes over the non-selection of his father, Roger Green,” for the police officer position.



The City’s motion for summary judgment is granted Accordingly, the court dismisses Ms. Conder’s claims with prejudice and orders each party to bear its own costs.


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