How Long Does It Take for a Lawyer to Get Your Disability? Comprehensive Guide

How Long Does It Take for a Lawyer to Get Your Disability

The time it takes for a lawyer to help with the Social Security disability application procedure may be of interest to you if you’re navigating its complexity.

The initial response time is seven and a half months on average. You’ll learn more about how a disability lawyer can speed up the Social Security Disability application procedure in this tutorial.
The timeline for the disability benefits process is:

  • The disability benefits procedure involves multiple stages from the time of disability to the application and appeal stages.
  • You get incapacitated
  • SSD compensation is granted when a person’s physical or mental condition prevents them from performing their job duties.
  • It takes more than just being able to keep your previous job, though, to be eligible for an SSD claim. Rather, you need to demonstrate that your impairment keeps you from working at any kind of fair level for a minimum of one year.

A Disability Lawyer is Who?

For those filing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims or contesting benefits denials, a disability lawyer offers legal assistance. Although you can apply for SSDI on your own, the approval process is infamously tough. To qualify for benefits, individuals must prove their disability meets SSA standards, which require extensive medical documentation.

Your Physician Makes the Following Diagnosis:

Medical records and your doctor’s diagnosis are crucial to the outcome of your SSD application. Therefore, scheduling a visit with your physician as soon as possible following the commencement of your illness is crucial. To support your disability claim, the doctor must accurately diagnose you and do any necessary testing.

During a consultation, detail symptoms affecting work capacity and provide records detailing diagnosis and job impact.

To Receive SSD Benefits, Apply:

You can apply for SSD benefits online or at a Social Security Administration office after confirming your eligibility for disability benefits and gathering all required paperwork. The application process requires answers to questions about your education, employment history, prescription drugs, health, and current treatments.

Sadly, an incomplete application may lead to an instant rejection. The application process can be quite demanding. You can get help from an attorney to ensure that the application is complete and that the documentation is correct.

How Can an Attorney for Disability Help You With an SSD Claim?

Experts in disability law, SSD lawyers are aware of the documentation and procedures necessary for a successful SSD claim. Attorneys can help with completing the initial application or navigating the appeals process if your original claim is denied since they have a thorough understanding of the Social Security Administration. They might also support your application for additional benefits, including private employer disability insurance or workers’ compensation.

Initial Submission:

Many times, applicants are typically comfortable handling their claims independently and only seek legal advice if their claim is rejected. Retaining legal counsel early on can enhance the chances of a successful claim and prevent the costly and time-consuming appeals process.

An SSD attorney can help with the initial application by negotiating the official date of disability onset, gathering the required medical records, outlining your rights as an employee, creating a compelling case for why you should receive benefits, and ensuring all paperwork is submitted accurately and on time.

Hearing Impairments:

You have sixty days from the date of the original denial of your application to obtain a hearing if your claim was initially denied.

A disability attorney can file your hearing request, prepare your appeal, gather pertinent medical records, create a strong case for why the initial claim denial was wrong, select qualified witnesses for the hearing, and get you ready for any questions the judge may have.

According to a recent poll, almost half of the claimants who hired legal representation for their disability hearing were successful in their cases. Only 23 percent of individuals who represented themselves were able to get disability compensation, in contrast.

Fast Approval Advice:

A skilled disability attorney can expedite your application and increase the speed of acceptance. To expedite your approval process, take into account the following things in addition to hiring a lawyer early on in the claims procedure to guarantee that all requirements and deadlines are met:

To expedite the SSD application process, include medical records, statements, and contact information for each doctor involved. Get detailed letters from your doctors detailing your disease and its impact on your ability to work. Timely submission of accurate paperwork and attorney experience can significantly expedite the SSD acceptance process.

How Much Time Does It Take a Lawyer to Get Disability Benefits?

Since every claim for disability payments is different, there is no set period for filing them. Claims can normally take at least six months or longer unless the applicant is evaluated under unusual circumstances, in which case their application is handled urgently.

Working with a disability lawyer from the beginning of the application process could shorten the amount of time it takes to get a positive ruling. Although hiring a lawyer doesn’t guarantee benefits, the entire process may take less time to complete.


What is the duration of the Social Security disability review process?

Reconsideration appeals can be resolved in as little as four weeks or as much as twelve weeks, while disability applications can take up to six months to process (the reason for this is typically that obtaining medical records from multiple physicians and other healthcare providers can cause delays).

Why is my disability back pay taking so long to arrive?

Generally speaking, it can take a few weeks to many months to get your SSDI reimbursement. The intricacy of your case, your eligibility for SSI or SSDI benefits, and the existence of any outstanding debts are some of the variables that will determine the precise timing.

Which state is the best to file a disability benefits application in?

For Social Security disability benefits, Kansas has the best chances of approval. In 2020, the approval rate for SSDI in this state was 69.7%. At 61.3%, it had the second-highest approval rate for SSDI claims in 2019.

In summary:

Several variables affect how long it takes to receive disability payments when working with a lawyer. A severe medical condition can significantly decrease your ability to work, necessitating immediate financial assistance. Nevertheless, filing a claim for disability payments can be difficult and time-consuming.

Hiring a knowledgeable attorney can ease some of the paperwork involved in filing a claim and free up your time so you can concentrate on taking care of your health while your claim is being prepared and examined. Moreover, legal counsel can hasten the approval procedure and guarantee you get your much-needed financial aid on time.

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