ERC Refund Processing Time: All You Need to Know

ERC Refund Processing Time

You might be wondering if your Employee Retention Credit would show up if you filed it but haven’t received your refund yet. Should this apply to you, there can be a backlog in the IRS database. The hundreds of applications in this backlog have caused the ERC refund processing time to significantly slow down. Like a lot of other people, you’re probably wondering, “How long does it take to receive an employee retention credit refund.” The typical ERC refund process takes six to eight weeks, but due to the delay, you might not receive your money back for at least six months. Plus, it could be difficult to find out the refund’s status. It’s great to know that you have options for assistance if you find yourself in this situation so you don’t have to wait around for too long.

What is an Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC), or ERTC, is a refundable tax credit available to certain eligible businesses and tax-exempt organizations that employ people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Conditions vary depending on when you want to claim the credit.

Checking the Status of Your ERC Refund

You have the right to inquire about the progress of your ERC refund and how long it will take to get it after filing. Making contact with your local IRS office is the most effective way to accomplish this.

You can reach them via phone on their helpline or their website. Once in touch, your social security number, employer identification number, and tax information should be available. The IRS can extract your ERC and verify its validity thanks to this easily accessible information. Soon after submitting the ERC, you will also receive a letter with the status.

To claim excise tax, Form 8849 may be submitted if no notification of refund status has been received. This alternative is accessible, however it is unable to process the ERC claim any more quickly.

If you call the IRS directly, you might have to wait a long time in line with hundreds of other claimants. There might even be instances where phoning the IRS yields no response. In any case, this ought to motivate you to try.

Employers should take advantage of benefits like the Employee Resource Club (ERC) since they assist attract and retain top talent. In addition, it guarantees that operations continue normally in the face of adversity.

You need to know that checking the status does not guarantee a quicker return.

Understanding the ERC Processing Time

Even though it can seem like an endless waiting period, it has only taken about two months from the time the refund request was made. You should be aware that every firm has a varied processing time. The processing took at least four weeks and up to six weeks at the start of the filing procedure. Now that there is a backlog, this wait has doubled.

Associated with the Pandemic

There is a national correlation between businesses and the pandemic. This meant that the quantity of work required and the method business was performed needed to change. As a result, the new Employee Retention Credit has developed into a fantastic addition to financial aid that aids in a company’s ability to keep outstanding staff. Since the original project, a much wider range of businesses and workers have been added to the credit.

Given the prevalence of pandemics in today’s world, some programs—such as the Paycheck Protection Program and ERC—remain essential for assisting businesses in their future development.

The process is not influenced by the number of times you file, therefore no further filings through the IRS are required to receive the credit.

IRS Staff Shortage

Due to the paper forms you submitted, the processing of your ERC refund application might have been completed more quickly. Due to the lack of an online submission option, businesses encountered a protracted period between filing their returns and receiving their reimbursement.

A company may submit updated payroll returns to get a retroactive reimbursement due to changes in the legislation. The IRS will have to manually handle these amendments.

In addition, the pandemic also affected IRS employees, leading to a staffing shortfall. As a result, a backlog has formed due to the IRS staffing shortfall and the high demand for the ERC. Therefore “How long does it take to receive an ERC refund?” Though it varies, to minimize any downtime, you have to start on the procedure.

Engage with a Professional

Few people are aware of the proper procedure because the ERC filing process is relatively new. Should this be the situation, you must get in touch with an expert to file your ERC.

To receive your refund much faster, it is imperative that you also take into account the legitimacy of the professional service. Your company’s doors will remain open for longer thanks to this. Together with submitting the required paperwork for ERC filing, the service provider will be able to compute your tax for the credit.

You may also discover if you qualify when you work with an expert and make sure your filing finishes before the deadline.

ERC Refund Processing Time: What To Expect

The way your taxes go through will determine what you might anticipate from the ERC. You can obtain your tax return electronically by direct deposit if you file your taxes online, which will result in the fastest reimbursement possible.

You’ll receive the ERC refund more quickly if you have direct deposit for tax refunds. But there isn’t a surefire approach.

Don’t Let the Chance to Receive an ERC Refund Elapse

Even though the processing time for the ERC has been prolonged, it’s still a valuable tool for employees and businesses. Make sure you seize this chance and don’t let it slip away from you.

Even though the returns are handled slowly, they are nonetheless processed every day. When money is tight, as it was during the pandemic, an ERC can help most firms increase revenue.

You must accurately file the ERC while filing. It is best to have a service provider who can complete this task error-free.

ERC Refund Processing Time: FAQs

What is the duration of the ERC refund process?

According to companies that made claims for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, they have been waiting four to twelve months for their returns.

How can I find out if my ERC was accepted?

In order to verify the status of your ERC refund, contact the IRS by phone at 1-877-777-4778.

For what duration has the ERC existed?

To assist SMBs in keeping workers on payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress introduced the ERC, a completely refundable payroll tax rebate, in 2020.

Is my ERC refund trackable?

The IRS can be contacted at 800-829-1954 for inquiries about refund status. To inquire about the status of your ERC refund claim, contact the provided number to speak with an IRS representative.

ERC Refund Processing Time: Final Thought

Numerous businesses were forced to close because to the terrible COVID-19 outbreak, and the effects are still being felt today. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to note that recovery has proceeded gradually and that a large number of workers have already returned to work.

It was promised at the beginning of the ERC that problems would be fixed if an ERC refund was received. Due to the sluggish processing, it is therefore advisable that you wait patiently.

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