Drunk vs High: Is There Any Difference?

Drunk vs High

It can be challenging for the general public to identify drug or alcohol abuse. It is even more difficult to distinguish between someone high vs drunk. However, why is the distinction important?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol are distinct condition with associated hazards. For instance, abusing marijuana may increase a person’s risk of psychosis. However, abusing alcohol increases the chance of subsequently going through withdrawals.

What Is Being Drunk?

When a person takes alcohol in amounts that affect their physical and mental abilities, they are said to be intoxicated, or drunk. Recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication requires an understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol.

What Is Being High?

The effects of cannabis intoxication, also known as getting “high,” are different from those of alcohol intoxication in terms of both the body and the mind. Deciphering the distinctions between intoxication and intoxication is contingent upon an understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of cannabis.

Drunk vs High: Alcohol Intoxication Symptoms

If you want to determine if someone is intoxicated, you can’t always count their drinks. Tolerances vary, so although one drink might not get someone drunk, it might get someone else intoxicated. Therefore, you should focus more on looking for the outward indicators of intoxication.

The following are indicators that someone is drunk:

  • Slurred words
  • A more gradual reaction time
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Insufficient synchronization
  • Hostile actions
  • Impulsive actions
  • Potential queasy feeling
  • Absence of spatial awareness
  • Impaired discernment
  • Tired

This is typical behavior for most intoxicated individuals. But you should also be able to spot blackout drunkenness, which is a more extreme kind of intoxication with potentially dangerous and life-threatening consequences.

A drunken blackout manifests as:

  • Hardly able to walk
  • Tries to remain standing
  • Has trouble staying awake
  • Can’t be awakened up 
  • Vomits

To keep someone from choking on their vomit and maybe dying, you must put them in the recovery position if you know they are blackout drunk and you are in a safe place.

Drunk vs High: Indicators That Someone Is High

Because some people use drugs to get by during the day, drug usage can be more difficult to identify. One common application of Adderall is to help people concentrate on their academic work. Until it becomes an issue, it is frequently ignored.

But don’t be alarmed. There are still indications to watch out for:

Dilated pupils can result from certain drug use. Therefore, it is a good sign that someone is high or doing drugs if their pupils are still large and they are in a light environment.

Smell: Certain substances, like marijuana, have a highly distinct, potent smell that clings to the user. Some try to hide this by smoking outside in secret or using perfume.

Drug users frequently experience paranoia, and when they’re high, they can look around to see if they’re being followed. You have to be careful not to get too close since they are not as inclined to trust you.

Poor judgment is another prevalent issue. This might involve everything from verbally abusing others to disobeying the law by starting fights or attempting to drive.

Stimulants are medicines that make a person act incredibly wired. They will seem too animated, speak fast, and frequently veer off subject in the middle of a sentence.

Drug use is frequently linked to munchies, which can result in a drive for strange or harmful food pairings.

The Distinctions Between High And Drunk

Although it can be challenging to distinguish between someone who is intoxicated and high, it is possible. People who routinely use drugs, alcohol, or smoke may also abuse substances, which can result in the following symptoms:

  • The misuse of drugs causes weight loss.
  • Drug misuse can result in dental loss.
  • Overuse of alcohol can give the complexion a yellow tinge, while overuse of drugs can make the nose malfunction.
  • Abuse of drugs can result in needle scars on the arms.
  • In the UK, it is legal to misuse alcohol, and it is more common to do so in public.
  • Abuse of alcohol causes nausea and hangovers.
  • It is possible to abuse drugs in addition to alcohol to increase the effects of the pills.
  • Drug misuse necessitates large financial outlays, yet alcohol abuse can be covered by any means.
  • The first step in supporting someone in overcoming their addiction or substance usage is understanding the differences.

Drunk vs High: How to Assist Someone Who Is Intoxicated or High

You have to know how to help someone if you want to. Here are some easy things you may do to help someone who is under the influence. The first is to make sure they are maintained in a secure location where they can be exploited.

Once they’ve passed out, make sure they’re still breathing before putting them in the recovery position.

You will have to keep an eye on them after this. If they’re conscious, attempt to get them to eat something substantial, like bread, and drink some water. This usually exclusively addresses alcohol misuse.

Above all, you must make an effort to prevent them from using drugs in the future. So if they beg for more drugs or booze, don’t give it to them. Never wait to call for an ambulance if you have any reason to believe they may be overdosing. Nobody is going to be in danger. It is legal protection for you to seek medical attention.

Drunk vs High: FAQs

What Is the Feeling of Being Intoxicated?

You might feel less restrained and happy at first, but after a few drinks, you’ll probably: slur your words. having a hazy vision. become less coordinated.

Is Smoking or Drinking Worse?

Smoking is undoubtedly worse for your health than drinking, even though both can be harmful. There is no benefit to tobacco use at any level, unlike low- or moderate-level alcohol consumption. Smoking exposes you to a variety of toxins that can harm cells and cause artery damage, which can lead to cancer heart attacks, and strokes.

Can Brain Damage Result from Smoking?

Nicotine addiction is a result of smoking tobacco and breathing nicotine, which can damage any organ in the body, including the brain. Research indicates that smoking can harm one’s cognitive abilities. Smokers may also be more susceptible to diseases like dementia and stroke.


Being high and intoxicated are two different types of intoxication that can have different impacts on the body and mind, as we have discussed in this article. While there may be advantages and disadvantages to using alcohol and cannabis, it’s crucial to practice caution, moderation, and understanding of one’s boundaries when using these substances.

People can make wise decisions about their consumption habits if they are aware of the negative effects that alcohol and cannabis intoxication can have on their body, mind, emotions, behavior, and the law. It is imperative to prioritize one’s safety and well-being over legal requirements and societal conventions.

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