Business Justification: Definition, Advantages

One of the pillars for the project’s execution is the business justification (also known as the business case or business reasoning) that is created. This tool evaluates upcoming projects’ feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and purposefulness, assessing their short- and long-term success chances. The project’s business case aids stakeholders in making and defending Continue Reading

Intercreditor Agreement: Importance, Definition and Requirement

To determine their respective rights to payment from the borrower and to enforce security interests in the borrower’s collateral, two or more creditors of the same borrower may sign the Intercreditor & Subordination Agreement. These agreements enable borrowers to borrow more loans instead of issuing more equity if extra-secured debt Continue Reading

Retaliation Claims Are Generally Settled: Everything You Need to Know

The American business is a complicated entity that is designed to maximize employee productivity but is undermined by “workplace harassment” and other problems that can make the workplace unsafe or unpleasant for employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other organizations in the United States legally protect workers from Continue Reading

Disregarded Entity

A disregarded entity is a single-owner business entity that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “disregarded” for tax reasons. So in case, you are still wondering what is a disregarded entity or sole proprietorship, its advantages, and disadvantages This article discusses the tax choices available to sole proprietorships, the benefits, and the Continue Reading