State v. Shadman

Full title: STATE OF IDAHO, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. IAN AHMAD SHADMAN, Defendant-Appellant.

Court: Court of Appeals of Idaho

Date published: Jan 7, 2022


A jury convicted Shadman of battery with the intent to commit rape. At trial, the victim, I.B., testified that she met Shadman through mutual friends at church in the fall of 2018. According to I.B.’s testimony, Shadman was very involved in the church, appeared to be “part of the staff,” was on the “prayer team,” and was “working towards” being “part of [the] leadership.” Although I.B. was initially reluctant to have a relationship with Shadman because she was recently divorced, she and Shadman entered into a romantic relationship. Shadman told I.B. “[they] were meant to be together and that God told [Shadman] that he was going to marry [her],” and they contemplated getting married in February 2020. During their relationship, Shadman and I.B. consensually kissed and communicated “constantly” daily via various electronic messaging applications. During some of these communications, I.B. sent provocative messages and photographs of herself, including a topless photograph. Although I.B. and Shadman spoke about having sex, they did not have sex because, according to I.B., “the church had a huge influence on [her]” and “sex wasn’t something you were to ever do unless you were married.”

On January 19 and 20, 2019, I.B. and Shadman attended a church conference together at which “four prophets” prophesied “over the people in the church.” During the conference, I.B. became uncomfortable and uneasy with the church; “didn’t want to be in the church” any longer; and told Shadman she “didn’t want to see him” or to talk to him anymore, which “upset” him. Regardless, I.B. and Shadman continued to exchange messages after the conference, and Shadman asked to come to I.B.’s apartment on the evening of January 20. I.B. told Shadman he could come to her apartment, which Shadman did around 10:00 that night.



Substantial evidence supports Shadman’s conviction of battery with the intent to commit rape. Accordingly, we affirm Shadman’s conviction.

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