State v. Saturno

Full title: STATE of Connecticut v. Donald SATURNO.

Court: Supreme Court of Connecticut.

Date published: Jul 19, 2016


EVELEIGH, J. The defendant, Donald Saturno, appeals from the judgments of conviction rendered by the trial court following his conditional pleas of nolo contendere, under General Statutes § 54–94a, to one count of manufacturing a bomb in violation of General Statutes § 53–80a and one count of possession of child pornography in the first degree in violation of General Statutes § 53a–196d (a)(1). The defendant entered these pleas after the trial court denied his motion to suppress certain evidence discovered following the execution of an administrative search warrant at his apartment



Therefore, we conclude that the trial court properly denied the defendant’s motion to suppress the evidence seized as a result of the search conducted according to the administrative search warrant.

The judgment is affirmed.

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