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Drivers face $1,000 in fines, one year in jail, suspension of their driver’s license, and 10 demerit points if convicted of a reckless driving misdemeanor in Alaska.

Drivers in Alaska must maintain a level of care and adhere to safe driving procedures, whether they are operating a car or a snowmobile. The broad category of reckless driving can be used to penalize a driver when they lose sight of those behaviors or decide to disregard them.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the regulations in your state because reckless driving can have a negative impact on your insurance premiums and driving record in Alaska. Car insurance brokers and comparison apps can assist you in maintaining a spotless driving record.

 In this article, I will provide you with all the information you require concerning reckless driving in Alaska.

What is reckless driving in Alaska?

According to Alaska statute AS 28.35.400, reckless driving is driving “in a manner that creates a substantial and unjustifiable risk of harm to a person or to property.”

A significant and unjustifiable risk reveals a significant departure from a reasonable person’s standard of conduct.

 The following are some examples of reckless driving risks:

  • Excessive speeding in all conditions of the road
  • Rage on the highway
  • Tailgating aggressively 
  • Ignoring stop signs and traffic signals
  • Passing a school bus as children board or disembark

The state of Alaska also specifies a lower charge—negligent driving—under the umbrella of reckless driving.

 On the other hand, driving negligently is driving “in a manner that creates an unjustifiable risk of harm to a person or to property.” 

In this context, the statutes define an unreasonable risk of damage as “a risk of such a nature and degree that failure to avoid it constitutes a deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would observe in the situation.”

What is the difference between reckless and negligent driving?

The difference between reckless and negligent driving is determined by the circumstances of the occurrence and the driver’s intentions.

When charged with negligent driving, a driver may have had good intentions but lacked the appropriate care and attention in a way that put others in danger.

 A driver charged with reckless driving displayed bad intent or a lack of ethics that caused a significant risk.

Negligent driving is also subject to proof that the driver endangered a person or property. One of the following factors can demonstrate negligent driving:

  • An incident occurred. 
  • To prevent an accident, someone (including the driver) took evasive measures.
  • To avoid a collision, a person (including the driver) stopped or slowed down.
  • Otherwise, a person or property was in danger.

What are the penalties for reckless driving in Alaska?

In Alaska, reckless driving attracts a misdemeanor conviction that carries consequences for both your criminal and driving records.

One or all of the following punishments are possible for reckless driving misdemeanors:

  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • A year or more in prison

Reckless driving entails a minimum 30-day license suspension and 10 points on your driving record, in addition to possible penalties and jail time. 

For second or third offenses, repeat offenders may face minimum suspensions of one or three years.

What are the penalties for negligent driving?

Driving negligently merely results in a civil infraction and has no criminal penalties. Fines for negligent driving are only up to $300 for drivers. The following are not punishments for charges of infraction:

  • Imprisonment
  • Penal or criminal punishment
  • Suspension or loss of license or vehicle registration

Despite these safeguards, however, a driver convicted of a negligent driving offense does not have the right to a trial or court-appointed counsel.

How can I remove a careless driving charge from my record? 

Reckless driving is a criminal offense that may only be expunged from your record by filing an appeal in court. 

You have the right to defend yourself against false or unwarranted charges as well as harsh consequences.

 Drivers convicted of reckless driving frequently file an appeal for the lower conviction of negligent driving.

The points incurred by a reckless driving charge, on the other hand, will fade over time, and they will fade faster if you take a defensive driving course.

 Points will be deducted from your Alaska driving record in the following ways over time:

  • 2 points are deducted for every 12-month period without a new offense following your previous conviction.
  • 1 point deducted for every 12-month period of incident-free driving before points are assessed (up to five years).
  • 2 points are deducted for each defensive driving course completed (one course every 12 months).

Will reckless driving affect my insurance? 

In terms of penalties and infractions, reckless driving has one of the most significant effects on your insurance costs.

 Drivers convicted of reckless driving in Alaska face an average annual increase of $550, representing a 48% increase at the state level.

The greatest method to avoid an increase in your insurance costs is to maintain a clean driving record by driving safely.

 If you’ve already been charged with reckless driving, paying a qualified lawyer once could save you years of paying higher insurance rates. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait and strive to have your points removed in order to have a clean driving record.

How to get car insurance with a high-risk driving record

There are a few simple actions you can take to save money on vehicle insurance if you have a bad driving record.

Be honest about your situation

Being honest with both yourself and your insurance agent is crucial.

You need to accept that some things are going to change and that your emotional and financial lives will depend more and more on your vehicle insurance. 

You will have to consider more about auto insurance than you ever really wanted to since, as was already mentioned, your rates will increase. It will be much easier to get through the procedure if you keep this in mind from the beginning.

Be truthful with your insurer, second. Try not to sugarcoat your driving history. 

In the event that you provide misleading information, they will find out, and your quotes will be unreliable. The agent will be far more likely to help you if you are honest with them.

Find a company that specializes in high-risk drivers

There are companies that offer specific plans for vehicle insurance for people with a negative driving record.

You’ll have better results with a provider like this, which can tailor a plan to your specific requirements, rather than paying for a typical plan with a carrier that tries to adapt your driving record.

 Of course, a plan with a company that specializes in high-risk drivers may cost more, but it favors you in the long run.

Search for discounts

With increased total rates, you should look for ways to lower the monthly premium you must pay.

You can equally save money by combining your home and auto insurance policies. You can also look for low-mileage savings. The less you drive, the less likely you are to get into an accident, which means you are less of a risk and are rewarded with lower premiums.

You can inquire with your insurance agent about additional reductions that may be available to you depending on your work or other criteria related to your driving habits.

Here are the top car insurance companies for high-risk drivers:

American Family

American Family Insurance now services only 19 states, making it less geographically diverse than several other major insurance businesses. 

High-risk drivers who live in states where insurance is accessible might look into American Family (they even provide plans through Costco). 

After minor traffic violations, the company’s rates often rise by a modest margin. Customers can escape substantial premium increases after their first at-fault accident because of the company’s accident forgiveness policy.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the major insurance firms in the United States. While State Farm is not regarded as the most affordable option, drivers in the high-risk group can expect relatively minimal hikes in their premiums after incurring any of a number of different traffic offenses.


USAA is well-known for providing low-cost vehicle insurance, and this is also true for high-risk drivers. Besides, Car insurance prices at USAA do not rise as significantly as those of some of its competitors. However, not everyone has access to USAA coverage. To obtain a policy, customers must be military personnel or their close family members. USAA provides accident forgiveness, which can prevent your premiums from rising following an at-fault collision. If you qualify for USAA, it could be a good alternative if you want affordable auto insurance from a reputable insurer.

How to find affordable car insurance in Alaska

If you are found guilty of reckless driving, it’s likely that your insurance rate won’t change until it’s time to renew. You will then notice a significant increase.

There are now mobile apps that you can use to search for the most affordable policies for your situation.

The Jerry app is the quickest and most efficient way to locate vehicle insurance coverage that is tailored to your specific needs.

 in addition,Jerry, as a licensed broker, will handle all of your top pick’s phone calls, paperwork, and renewals so you don’t have to. Jerry users save an average of $887 on vehicle insurance each year. regardless of your driving record.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Alaska

CompanyMonthly rate
State Farm$78


Again driving recklessly is not a laughing matter in Alaska or anywhere else. It is critical to ensure that you do not drive carelessly. There is far too much at stake, including fines, increased insurance premiums, car damage, and possibly injury and death. It is also critical that you avoid other dangerous drivers on the road. Pull over and contact 911 if you notice a risky motorist. Always drive conservatively and safely, whether in Alaska or elsewhere.

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