People ex rel. Florio v. Brann

Full title: The People, etc., ex rel. Dawn M. Florio, on behalf of Nathaniel Davis…

Court: Supreme Court of New York

Case: 2021-09402

Date published: Jan 4, 2022


Nathaniel Davis is seeking release upon his own recognizance or, alternatively, reasonable bail in the case of Queens County Indictment No. 1058/2020.


The issue at hand is whether Nathaniel Davis should be released on bail and under what conditions, considering the charges against him and the circumstances of the case.


The writ of habeas corpus is sustained. Bail is set at $2.5 million, which can be posted in the form of an insurance company bail bond, a partially secured bond with 10% down, or a cash bail alternative. Additionally, Nathaniel Davis is required to comply with several conditions if released, including wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, remaining confined to his residence except for specific purposes, surrendering all passports, and providing an affidavit regarding extradition. Upon fulfillment of these conditions, the Warden of the facility where Davis is incarcerated is directed to immediately release him from incarceration.

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