McGillvary v. Galfy

Full title: CALEB L MCGILLVARY, Plaintiff, v. JAMES GALFY, et al., Defendants.

Court: United States District Court, D. New Jersey

Civil Action 21-17121 (MCA)

Date published: Mar 28, 2023


The plaintiff filed a civil rights lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, alleging a conspiracy among various state actors and private individuals to deprive him of evidence crucial to his defense in a murder case. The defendants included prosecutors, a public defender, an expert witness, and others.


The plaintiff filed a motion for reconsideration, disputing the court’s dismissal of his claims on various grounds, including due process, defamation, equal protection, and selective enforcement.


The court denied the motion for reconsideration, affirming its previous rulings on the dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims. The court clarified that the dismissal was based on grounds such as Heck v. Humphrey doctrine, Eleventh Amendment immunity, lack of personhood, and failure to state a claim for relief. The court found that the plaintiff’s arguments did not provide sufficient grounds for altering the previous dismissal decisions.

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