Kaylor v. Fannin Regional Hosp., Inc.

Full title: Scott M. KAYLOR, Plaintiff, v. FANNIN REGIONAL HOSPITAL, INC., Defendant

Court: United States District Court, N.D. Georgia, Gainesville Division

Civil No. 2:95-CV-0067-WCO.

Date published: Oct 22, 1996


The plaintiff, a C.T. technician at Fannin Regional Hospital, claims a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act. The plaintiff, a resident of Mineral Bluff, Georgia, was employed as a C.T. technician from 1989 to 1996. He suffered from degenerative back disease and has limitations on his ability to lift objects and travel. Fannin Hospital was aware of his prior back injuries and physical limitations. The plaintiff signed an acknowledgment of his employment termination at the hospital’s handbook in 1991, which provided him with 80 hours of vacation leave, two floater days, and 96 hours of sick leave.



Accordingly, based upon the foregoing discussion, the court finds that Fannin Hospital did not violate the FMLA and hereby renders judgment in favor of the defendant. The clerk shall enter judgment accordingly.

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