JOBS THAT PAY OVER 50 AN HOUR: The Top 20 in 2022 (Updated)

jobs that pay over 50 an hour

Finding a well-paying job takes time and effort. The majority of us begin modest, with adequate employment that pays the bills. However, we soon hunger for something more, such as a promotion or higher pay. There’s always a desire to climb the corporate ladder and acquire a well-paying position, whether you work in marketing, medicine, or law. Of course, it’s not easy. However, passion, in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and education are required for high-paying employment; or basically, jobs that pay as high as 50 dollars an hour.

Below are a couple of jobs, careers, or occupations that pay over 50 dollars an hour if you’re trying to make a decision regarding careers or improve your earnings.

The Best Jobs that Pay Over 50 Dollars an Hour

Now, let’s dive into the top 20 jobs that pay over 50 hours an hour already without further ado.

#1. Human Resources Manager

Average hourly wage: $54.47

Some dissatisfied coworkers and bosses have joked that this would be a terrific place to work if it weren’t for the individuals.

A human resources manager is responsible for managing a firm’s workers and ensuring that not just their rights as employees are respected, but that the corporation as a whole follows the laws governing employee rights.

An HR manager is often called upon to resolve workplace conflicts between coworkers as well as supervisors and employees.

Additionally, this role ensures that performance reviews are conducted in accordance with the letter of the law and that the company’s hiring policies and processes are lawful.

They also often have the difficult task of terminating someone’s employment owing to a violation of company policy or poor work performance.

#2. Marketing Manager

Average hourly wage: $63.76

To attract and retain customers, marketing managers create, execute, and oversee promotional and sales activities.

These people oftentimes supervise a staff of marketers, manage budgets, and communicate with media and advertising companies.

Although the money for this position is attractive, getting it is not easy. Candidates must have a formal degree as well as at least seven years of prior marketing experience.

#3. Financial Development Director

Average hourly wage: $74.00

The financial development director is an important position in the non-profit sector.

A financial development director is responsible for securing the resources required to carry out the non-vision profit and goal.

The financial development director fulfills this function by creating a financial development plan and budget that covers multiple revenue streams.

Gifts from private contributors, corporate funding, grant writing, special events, and so on are all examples of this cash stream.

The financial development director is also responsible for maintaining relationships with stakeholders who support the non-goal. profit’s

However, a business degree or years of work-related experience are often required for a financial development director.

A financial development director may also hold qualifications from organizations such as the National Association for Fundraising Executives.

#4. Public Relations Manager

Average hourly wage: $54.78

There is a popular belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Whether or not this is accurate, a public relations manager will be able to portray the firm they represent in a positive light to the community and its customers in the face of unpleasant events.

A public relations manager can deal effectively with written, audio, and visual media in their locality, as well as nationally if necessary.

They will be able to communicate the company’s viewpoint, motivation, and mission statement verbally or in writing.

Even if anything bad happens, they will be able to adequately explain the company’s stance and rationale for making the decision.

A public relations manager may turn something that appears to be a terrible circumstance into something favorable.

#5. Software Programmer

Average hourly wage: $50.77

This role pays well whether you’re a system software, application, or mobile developer.

These experts devote their waking hours to inventing, developing, and implementing successful software.

You can work as a software developer and earn over 50 dollars per hour if you have a degree in computer science or software engineering and strong computer programming skills.

Basically, you can even work from home or on a part-time basis!

#6. Medical Assistant

Average hourly wage: $52.22

Medicine and healthcare are lucrative fields to work in. Physician/medical assistants are paid more than $50 per hour to examine, diagnose, and treat patients on a regular basis.

This career pays well, but it demands substantial patient care expertise and experience. After earning a master’s degree and working as a paramedic, registered nurse, or nursing assistant, physician assistants can apply for jobs.

#7. Nurse Practitioner

Average hourly wage: $54.78

Nurse practitioners play an important role in in-hospital treatment.

A nurse practitioner can work at a hospital, several clinics, or a private physician’s office.

A nurse practitioner is a highly trained nurse who has his or her own set of duties and obligations.

For instance, a nurse practitioner is trained to assess patients’ requirements, has expertise and responsibility for analyzing tests received from the medical laboratory, can make a diagnosis in some cases, and can also place the patient on a medically advised treatment plan.

Nurse practitioners, like their medical colleagues, are dedicated medical professionals who look after the physical and emotional needs of their patients.

In some locations, nurse practitioners can practice medicine without the supervision of a physician, while in others, they can practice medicine alone.

#8. Sales Director

Average hourly wage: $59.72

A sales manager is responsible for providing leadership and direction to a group of salespeople.

The sales manager and his or her team’s ultimate purpose is to increase income for an organization by boosting customer sales.

They achieve these objectives by developing and implementing a sales strategy, analyzing data, assigning regional or geographical territories to salespeople, and overseeing the sales team’s efforts to ensure that objectives are fulfilled.

The hiring and dismissal of sales agents are also handled by the sales manager.

Being a sales manager is a highly stressful job because the company’s sales are driven by goals and financial expectations which gives it a deserving spot on our list of jobs that pay over 50 dollars an hour.

#8. Optometrist

Average hourly wage: $53.75

Here’s another remunerative position in the medical area. High income, on the other hand, comes with difficult duties. Optometrists provide eye exams and diagnose and treat a variety of eye disorders and problems. To become an optometrist, you must attend an optometry school for at least four years and get a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. These courses can be extremely competitive.

#9. Physicist

Average hourly wage: $57.49

Physicists are handsomely compensated, yet their work entails much more than understanding gravity and speed.

Candidates for this position should have a Ph.D. in physics or astronomy.

Physicists spend their days studying how different types of matter and energy interact, as well as developing new medical tools and engineering technology.

#10. Pharmacist

Average hourly wage: $69.49

A pharmacist is an important part of the medical team that looks after a person’s health and well-being.

The pharmacist’s job is to assist the doctor in implementing the pharmacological or prescription regimen that he or she has prescribed for the patient.

Understanding pharmacology, or the study of medicines and medications, is an important part of becoming a pharmacist.

They should know the effect of the recommended medication on the human body, any potential side effects, the standardized and approved dosage of the prescription being administered, and the majority of medications accessible in the pharmacy.

When a patient is prescribed medication, the pharmacist’s responsibility also includes providing personal consultation.

They should be able to explain to the patient what the possible side effects are and how the medicine will behave with different people in a systematic manner.

They should also be able to clarify the doctor’s instructions on when the drug should be taken or applied, as well as any other essential information about the medication.

#11. Co-Pilot

Average hourly wage: $80.87

Co-pilots don’t need a formal degree to get this ideal job, which is hard to believe. You can fly beside a captain pilot with just a high school diploma and a pilot’s license (plus a lot of training).

This is definitely one of the top jobs that pay more than 50 dollars per hour, but it also comes with significant obligations. Co-pilots assist the captain in safely piloting a plane and transporting hundreds of passengers.

#12. Financial Controller

Average hourly wage: $61.53

Financial managers are in charge of overseeing investments, developing long-term strategies, and preparing financial reports for their employers.

For compiling accurate financial statements, planning, and creating business activity reports, they are largely reliant.

You might be well on your way to a career in financial management with a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration, as well as five years of proven experience in a similar capacity.

#13. IT Director

Average hourly wage: $80.53

The IT manager, often known as an information technology manager, is the person in charge of a company’s network and server.

Their major responsibility is to ensure that protocols are in place to safeguard the IT system and the sensitive data stored on it.

Individual IT management tasks and responsibilities include supervising any personnel, training current and new employees on IT equipment, reporting IT concerns to leadership, and making recommendations for replacing old technology.

Other duties and responsibilities include overseeing essential data backups, ensuring that technology adheres to current rules and regulations, debugging any systems that aren’t working as expected, and so on.

To be successful, an IT manager must be able to connect with and educate employees about IT demands, as well as possess significant knowledge of information technology and its importance in the workplace.

He or she must also have a working knowledge of computer code, the capacity to stay current on newly developed software, and the ability to develop and implement an IT policy for all personnel.

#14. Aerospace Engineer

Average hourly wage: $55.39

This job pays well, but it comes with a lot of labor.

Aerospace engineers get pay of over 50 dollars per hour, but their jobs are complicated. Designing and constructing aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles, as well as assessing damaged products, are all part of this full-time employment. A bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, as well as licensure, is usually required.

#15. Political Scientist

Average hourly wage: $56.52

Political scientists examine and analyze political systems in order to better understand their origins, development, and operation.

They’re in charge of formulating and testing political theories as well as assessing the government’s impact on policies and legislation.

Obtaining employment in this field necessitates years of study, typically a master’s or Ph.D. in political science or public administration. Political scientists, on the other hand, are compensated well after meeting the educational prerequisites and landing a position.

#16. Computer Systems Manager

Average hourly wage: $68.53

Are you computer savvy and capable of solving complicated problems? This could be the ideal job for you. You may earn a good living with the correct qualifications, experience, and talents.

Computer systems managers plan, coordinate, and manage a company’s computer-based demands. Because many of these jobs require an MBA, they are highly compensated. They also require several years of relevant IT experience.

#17. Lawyers

Average hourly wage: $58.13

Yes, it pays handsomely, but it’s not as simple as Harvey Specter and Elle Woods make it appear.

This is also not a profession for the lazy.

To become a lawyer, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree, then attend law school and pass your state bar test. In fact, landing official employment in this business could take up to seven years.

The hard work doesn’t end there: lawyers must also counsel and protect their clients, represent them in court, and draft legal documents as part of their daily routine.

#18. Dentists

Average hourly wage: $75.12

Dentists make a good living, but believe us when we say it’s well-earned. This employment includes treating gum disorders, cleaning teeth, and conducting small procedures on patients’ teeth. These experts can expect a high monthly salary, but the position also comes with a lot of obligations. To formally become a dentist, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree and then finish four years of dental school.

#19. Judges

Average hourly wage: $56.34

Do you think you have what it takes to sit behind a courtroom bench? You can apply for this high-paying profession if you attend a recognized law school, acquire a law degree, pass the bar exam, and commit to several years of work experience as a lawyer.

As you can see, being a lawyer isn’t a simple (or quick) undertaking; it’s a tough and stressful job that takes a lot of patience, strength, and extra hours.

#20. Nuclear Engineer

Average hourly wage: $51.73

You might be on your way to a career as a nuclear engineer if you’ve earned your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and demonstrated your experience through cooperative-education engineering programs.

This well-paid position entails complex activities requiring extensive knowledge, such as the development of nuclear equipment and the operation of nuclear power facilities.

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