Is Weed Legal in Greece: What to Expect in 2024

Is Weed Legal in Greece

Greece has legalized industrial hemp and cannabis for medical purposes but not for recreational use. 2017 saw the implementation of stringent laws that permitted the import, export, and cultivation of certain medical products with the appropriate licensing.
Patients who meet certain qualifying medical conditions are currently able to obtain medical cannabis with a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. The Greek National Organization for Medicines is in charge of licensing and regulating medical cannabis products. This article will explain what to expect and whether marijuana is legal in Greece.

Greece is a nation in southeast Europe formally referred to as the Hellenic Republic. Its great influence on Western culture has earned it the moniker “cradle of Western civilization.”
The nation is well-known for its stunning scenery and thousands of islands dispersed throughout the Ionian and Aegean Seas.


The Cannabis sativa plant yields marijuana, a psychoactive drug that alters the mind.
There are over 480 components in marijuana. The principal component thought to be responsible for the psychoactive effect is delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Is Weed Legal in Greece: Origin: What is it?

Asia, the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and Mexico are among the countries where marijuana is grown. It works well for both outdoor and indoor gardening.

Can I legally grow marijuana in Greece?

Greece removed its ban on cannabis cultivation in 2018.
This makes it possible for suppliers of industrial hemp and pharmaceutical companies to cultivate cannabis legally.
The purpose of it was also to attract foreign investment to the industry.
Up until 1936, when the government decided to outlaw cultivation, it was legal.
The Greek government published guidelines for farmers to follow when growing crops to make sure there were no violations.
To avoid having to move the product to another location for processing, the land needs to be enclosed by fencing and equipped with all the facilities that are required.
Government representatives issued a warning, stating that growers who disregarded the regulations—which will be detailed in a joint ministerial decision that will be released shortly—would lose their special license and be subject to frequent and stringent inspections.

Does Greece allow medical marijuana?

Greece’s government made it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes in 2017. For as long as they have a prescription from a doctor, foreigners can also use medical marijuana in Greece and buy it from pharmacies.
Medical professionals typically recommend cannabis for ailments like cancer, PTSD, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and epilepsy.
The Greek government outlawed the importation of finished medical cannabis products in 2021.
A Class B drug replaced the previous Class A classification for the plant.

Greece’s laws regarding cannabis:

Is it legal to own and consume cannabis in Greece?

The 1987 Greek Drug Law makes the use of drugs, even for personal possession, illegal. Its maximum sentence for possessing small amounts of cannabis is five months, thanks to amendments made since 2013. A person’s criminal record does not reflect repeated offenses. A judge may recommend special treatment instead of suspended sentences.

Is cannabis legal in Greece?

Greece forbids the sale of cannabis and imposes an eight-year maximum sentence on offenders. Those with addiction-related offenses could get three years in prison, while public servants could get a life sentence. After receiving treatment, drug-dependent suppliers may be eligible for conditional release. The amount of fines is between EUR 50,000 and EUR 500,000.

Is it legal to grow cannabis in Greece?

While it’s against the law to grow cannabis indoors, buying seeds is not. While limited plant growth is not against the law, harvesting and distributing is. Sentences differ according to how many plants there are.

Does Greece allow CBD use?

Greek consumers are becoming more interested in CBD thanks to new laws that permit the sale or purchase of EU-certified oil. THC, a psychoactive component of cannabis, cannot be present in the oil in amounts greater than 0.2%. However, trustworthy suppliers are necessary due to the murky area of European law.

Can I ship cannabis seeds to Greece?

Greek law currently limits the use of cannabis seeds, including their ability to germinate and grow plants, but it does not prohibit their sale, purchase, or possession.

Greece’s medical cannabis market

In 2017, Greece became the sixth nation in the EU to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, reclassifying the plant from a Class A to a Class B substance. Because of the country’s perfect climate for cannabis growth, patients and the economy both benefit from the government’s softening stance toward cannabis and the subsequent laws allowing its production for medicinal purposes.

Greek industrial hemp

The 2018 law permits the lawful growing of industrial hemp, permitting its application in paper, biodegradable plastic, textiles, and construction, as long as the plant’s THC content is less than 0.2%.

Political parties in Greece and cannabis

With the approval of medicinal cannabis production by the 2017 coalition government, Greece’s political parties have changed their position on cannabis laws. The Communist Party, New Democracy, Golden Dawn, and the Centrist’s Union, on the other hand, contested the ruling, claiming it offered no defense against unrestrained production and distribution.

Is Weed Legal in Greece: Nice to know

If you currently reside in Greece or are planning a trip there, it helps to know the following:

Greece continues to prohibit the recreational use of cannabis. When it comes to small-scale possession of marijuana for personal use, the law is usually quite forgiving, though it retains the authority to sentence you to prison.
Since 2018, there has been a considerable increase in investments in hemp and medical cannabis. First scheduled to open in April 2019, the majority of processing plants will be located in northern Greece.

The Greek government sees the production of medical cannabis as an opportunity to increase employment and strengthen the economy. It is projected that a single Veroia site will create 2,000 new jobs.

Questions and Answers on Is Weed Legal in Greece:

Does Greece Permit Telemedicine for Medical Cannabis Consultations?

Sure. Greece was among the first nations to approve telemedicine services, passing legislation about the field in 2008. Many patients nationwide can now access medical services thanks to the advancements made in its telemedicine program.
Medical cannabis consultations should be permitted since they are regarded as a valid medical service, though certain practices might have different policies.

Does Greece Have Any Employment Laws That Protect Those With Medical Cannabis Cards?

Greece has several laws about medical marijuana users, but not many about employment laws.
Assuring the availability of premium, legally approved medical cannabis products is one of Greece’s covert methods of aiding medical marijuana users.
Patients have easier access to treatment because the certification process is also shorter.

What Are Greece’s Requirements for Testing Medical Cannabis Products?

In Greece, only a small number of businesses grow medical marijuana. The Public Security Directorate of the Greek Police (SDS/AEA) supervises companies that are interested in cultivation to guarantee legal compliance.
Workers cannot have a felony conviction against them. Greece, like many other businesses, mandates extensive testing for THC levels, heavy metals, and pesticides.

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