In re Watson Seafood Poultry Co., Inc.

Full title: In re WATSON SEAFOOD POULTRY CO., INC., a North Carolina corporation, ID…

Court: United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. North Carolina

Date published: May 31, 1984


The debtor is a North Carolina corporation that was engaged in the business of growing and marketing chickens. The debtor’s flock included 80,000 breeder hens, and approximately 300,000 mature chickens (worth approximately $280,000) were sold each week.

After suffering losses in four of the last five years (aggregating $5,000,000), on April 21, 1983, the debtor filed for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. At the time of filing, the debtor’s schedules reflected assets of $9,875,000 and liabilities of $6,282,000.



Based upon factors (3), (8), (9) and (12), the court finds that $70 per hour is an appropriate rate in this case.

Attorney’s fees for debtor’s counsel shall be allowed in the amount of $16,817.50 (240.25 hours × $70 per hour).

Expenses are allowed for $878.15. This sum includes an adjustment in the per-mile rate for automobile travel to 20.5¢ per mile from the requested 35¢ per mile and 22¢ per mile.

This fee application is not a request for interim compensation under 11 U.S.C. § 331; accordingly, the allowed fees and expenses will not be paid at this time.


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