Hall v. Broadlawns Med. Ctr.

Full title: Mark D. HALL, Appellee, v. BROADLAWNS MEDICAL CENTER, Appellee,andDes…

Court: Supreme Court of Iowa.

Case: No. 10–0971.

Date published: Mar 9, 2012


Michael A. Giudicessi of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Des Moines, for appellant. Mark E. Weinhardt and Holly M. Logan of Weinhardt & Logan, P.C., Des Moines, for appellee Hall. Thomas A. Finley and Stacie M. Codr of Finley, Alt, Smith, Scharnberg, Craig, Hilmes & Gaffney, P.C., Des Moines, for appellee Broadlawns Medical Center.APPEL, Justice.

In this case, we consider whether an internal audit created by Broadlawns Medical Center as a result of the theft of drugs by an employee is a public record under the Iowa Open Records Act. The district court concluded that, because the internal audit was provided to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy in order to assist in its investigation of licensing matters arising from the theft, the internal audit amounted to investigative materials in the hands of a licensing board under Iowa Code section 272C.6(4) (2009) and was not subject to disclosure. Upon our review of the facts and law, we conclude that the internal pharmacy audit is a public record, not a confidential record, and that other statutory exceptions asserted to prevent public disclosure are inapplicable. As a result, we reverse in part, affirm in part, and remand the matter to the district court.



For the above reasons, the judgment of the district court holding that the internal audit was not subject to disclosure under Iowa Code chapter 272C is reversed. The rulings of the district court that the plaintiff failed to establish the basis for nondisclosure under Iowa Code section 22.7(61) are affirmed. The matter is remanded for further proceedings in the district court.


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