Can Two Siblings Have Power of Attorney: The Pros and Cons

Can Two Siblings Have Power of Attorney

In the event that the principal desires it, two siblings may share power of attorney. A dual or joint power of attorney is what is meant by this. These are frequently used by parents to guarantee cooperation and equity between kids, but they can cause conflict when decisions aren’t made unanimously. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of granting power of attorney to two siblings are relevant.

And those arguments and complexities have the potential to quickly get out of hand. Many families are being torn apart following tens of thousands of dollars being spent on legal battles over choices about the financial matters of their departed loved ones.

Definition Of Terms

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that permits an individual to choose another person to manage their affairs while they are still living, according to the American Bar Association.

This is not the same as an executor of an estate, who is responsible for handling a deceased person’s financial matters.

The two parties to the “relationship” involving the power of attorney are:

The Principal: For this person, the power of attorney is intended. They are the one who drafts the power of attorney and gives someone else permission to handle certain financial or medical choices on their behalf (like an aging parent, for example).

The person designated by the Principal to act on their behalf is known as the Agent or Attorney-in-fact. This could be a friend, attorney, family member (including multiple children), or anybody else the principal entrusts with this duty. Because of their fiduciary duties to the Principal, the Agent must only use their attorney’s power in the Principal’s best interests. 

Most people only designate one Agent, who they most trust to work in their best interests, due to the enormous amount of power the Principal grants and the substantial obligations the Agent takes on.

When it comes to a durable power of attorney, which can still be used in the event that the principal loses capacity—that is, the ability to make decisions for oneself as judged by a qualified medical professional—this is even more crucial.

Husbands frequently designate their wives as their agents, while wives typically act in the same capacity for their husbands.

In spite of this, a Principal may occasionally wish to designate more than one Agent.

Can Two Siblings Have Power of Attorney

A person can grant power of attorney to two siblings in a few different ways. Later in this post, you will provide the solution to the query, “Can two siblings have power of attorney?” 

How to Grant Power of Attorney to Two Siblings

A sibling of a legal authority that appoints two Specialists to act in a Head’s behalf is known as a double or joint legal authority. As such, in the unlikely event when one sibling is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, the Head (such as a parent) assigns position to two individuals (such as their two children) to simply decide and make actions for their sake.

Cooperative Power of Attorney

Two broad siblings of joint legal jurisdiction exist:

First, cooperative agents

The two siblings would be expected to pursue all options together under this arrangement. This suggests that for any transaction or decision, the marks of the two Specialists will be required.

2) Agents in Concurrency

In a simultaneous Specialist narrative, each sibling would possess unique, free powers. They are not have to obtain permission from the other Specialist in order to act, unless specifically stated in legal authority documents or regulations falling under your jurisdiction.

Different Agents

You should be aware of every aspect of this subject in order for me to respond to your question about whether two siblings can share a power of attorney. Selecting one sibling to serve as the “Primary” Specialist and the other as the “Successor” or reinforcing Specialist in the event that the Essential Specialist is unable to perform is another option for granting two siblings legal authority.

This is how parents can get more children than they need since without siblings, everything gets too jumbled. In some wards, a Chief can also include a requirement to counsel in their legal power, which means that their Representative must discuss important decisions with other designated individuals before making them. 

Again, this suggests that various siblings can interact with their parents’ consideration, reducing friction and want while maintaining a generally uncomplicated situation.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Granting Power Of Attorney To Two Siblings

Can two siblings have a power of attorney? is a question that we have already answered for you. We will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this circumstance.


One way to lessen the unique weights of at least two Specialists’ tasks is to divide them up.

When multiple specialists are involved, different perspectives play a crucial role when making fundamental decisions, such as those pertaining to personal or healthcare. This can reduce problems, risks, and errors.

Working together for mutual benefit and observing each other’s actions reduces the possibility of abuse of a head.

While it might not be the best excuse, involving different siblings in the process of navigating can help to reduce tensions within the family.


There are times when it makes sense to assign a lone person to handle the difficult decisions. When two siblings pursue decisions for the benefit of an Essential from very different angles, it can lead to costly inquiries. It can also lead to guardianship or probate processes. This is similar to the arguments that arise when family members want to revoke advance directives.

Many Experts could increase opportunities for extortion because more people would be attempting to access the Head’s funds.

Many people connected to autonomous direction have the ability to reverse the cycle, causing chaos.

When there are many hands engaged, it could be challenging to keep track of who is handling what responsibilities.


In Ohio, Is It Possible to Have More Than One Power of Attorney?

It is even possible to designate multiple agents and mandate their collaboration. Within the parameters of the power of attorney, your agent is obligated to operate in your best interest.

In Illinois, Is It Possible to Hold More Than One Power of Attorney?

It is not possible for multiple Agents to act simultaneously. In Illinois, you have to designate one Agent as your principal Agent if you wish to name more than one. Your second Agent, the “Successor Agent,” would represent you in the event that the first Agent passes away or is unable to make choices for you.

Which Power of Attorney Is the Most Advantageous?

To provide the best possible administration of both your health and your assets, we advise establishing a revocable living trust. Also, have a durable power of attorney for finances, and an advance health care directive. Please take our estate planning questionnaire if you are unsure about what you need.


Managing legal cases involving family members frequently raises concerns about the obligations and tasks that they can take on. Can two siblings share power of attorney for a loved one? is a regular occurrence.

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