Breest v. Haggis

Full title: Haleigh Breest, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. Paul Haggis, Defendant-Appellant.

Court: Supreme Court of New York, First Department

Motion No. 2023-05134 Index No. 161137/17 Case Nos. 2023-01728 2023-01729

Date published: Dec 21, 2023


Defendant-appellant filed appeals from an order and a judgment entered by the Supreme Court, New York County. The appeals were initially dismissed, but defendant later moved to vacate the dismissal and reinstate the appeals.


The issue is whether the dismissal of the appeals should be vacated and the appeals reinstated, and whether an extension of time should be granted to perfect the appeals.


The court granted the motion to vacate the dismissal and reinstate the appeals, extending the time to perfect them to the May 2024 Term of the Court. Additionally, the court denied the request to consolidate the appeals, stating that consolidation could occur as of right and did not require a separate order.

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