What is a sex offender?

What is a sex offender? Well, several states apply varying degrees of risk and designation to a sex offenders, which will assign a risk level and category to the person on the state’s registry of sex offenders. This can make it more or less necessary to keep the sex offender away from particular social gatherings […]

What is a misdemeanor offense in Utah?

What is a misdemeanor offense in Utah? In Utah, there are three types of crimes: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. However, depending on the event’s gravity, some offenses may even fluctuate between felonies and misdemeanors. So the subcategories that follow the main categories are further broken down. What is a misdemeanor offense in Utah? A misdemeanor […]

Withholding children from grandparents

Withholding children from grandparents: Note that this can be a problem because grandparents can form close relationships with their grandchildren that last a lifetime. They play a significant part in their lives. A parent has no legal duty to permit a grandparent to see their grandchild. The exception is where the grandparent has obtained a […]

New York pornography law

New York pornography law: New York Law Code has six criminal offenses involving child pornography listed: The last four concentrate on individuals who support and produce child pornography. The other two make having child pornography a crime. Although the issue of people having child pornography has been around for a very long time. So the […]

What Happens If One Skips Jury Duty?

What Happens If One Skips Jury Duty? Few individuals choose to be jurors. It can be difficult to take time off from work, school, childcare, or other obligations. You must present yourself in court when instructed to do so on the jury summons. Unless you can reschedule or demonstrate a hardship. There may be legal […]

When can an unpaid ticket become a warrant?

When can an unpaid ticket become a warrant? People easily overlook traffic tickets; after all, paper tickets don’t come with an email or text reminder or an easy deadline reminder. An arrest for an unintentionally unpaid ticket may be the alternative reminder some people receive. Unpaid tickets are serious business for district courts and law […]