What Happens If One Skips Jury Duty?

What Happens If One Skips Jury Duty? Few individuals choose to be jurors. It can be difficult to take time off from work, school, childcare, or other obligations. You must present yourself in court when instructed to do so on the jury summons. Unless you can reschedule or demonstrate a hardship. There may be legal […]

When can an unpaid ticket become a warrant?

When can an unpaid ticket become a warrant? People easily overlook traffic tickets; after all, paper tickets don’t come with an email or text reminder or an easy deadline reminder. An arrest for an unintentionally unpaid ticket may be the alternative reminder some people receive. Unpaid tickets are serious business for district courts and law […]

Country of citizenship

“Country of citizenship”. Many people desire citizenship in a nation for a variety of reasons. Some simply prefer the idea of being able to claim they are citizens of a particular country, while others desire the freedom that comes with it. Some are concerned with their safety and security. Find out below if you qualify […]

Is prank calling illegal?

Is prank calling illegal? Prank calling might be criminal in several scenarios. While laws vary from state to state, most states forbid making prank calls to irritate or harass another person. All states make it unlawful to prank call 911. In certain areas, such as California, recording a prank-calling is illegal or unlawful wiretapping. Hate […]

Is catfishing a crime?

Is catfishing a crime? While catfishing as a crime is a relatively new Internet phenomenon, originating through social media. This is the word for when someone uses a fictitious photo and identity when communicating with someone online. Is this a felony, and if so, how serious is it? What Exactly Is Catfishing? “Catfishing” is a […]

What is Ohio’s pornography law?

What is Ohio’s pornography law? Ohio’s laws and the US Constitution both grant residents a considerable amount of freedom and privacy. Nonetheless, laws meant to safeguard children from maltreatment and exploitation confines all of these rights. For a better understanding of these limitations, let’s look at Ohio’s pornographic laws. What is Ohio’s pornography law: synopsis […]